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Review: Ninja Coffee Bar (cf091)

What kind of crazy world would it be if moms got enough sleep? I can’t even imagine the things we’d be able to accomplish! The dishes, laundry, vacuuming, grocery shopping…. oh… wait… we do that already, thanks to glorious COFFEE!

I didn’t really start drinking coffee until I was 30 and even then it was mostly just a guilt- free way of consuming a mug of milk and sugar. And the ONLY reason I started was because of living with my father post (my) divorce. He made a pot every morning- a full pot- and seemed a little hurt for the first few weeks that I wasn’t drinking it. So… I started taking a to-go cup with me every morning. It was not good, hence the milk and sugar. My father isn’t what you’d call a ‘connoisseur’ by any stretch of the imagination; he drank the stuff for fuel to get him through the morning.

After some time and ruining several taste buds, I moved on to a mid- level fancy Kuerig. The convenience was astounding. So many choices of flavors! How perfect to make just one cup and not have any waste! But wait. These little cups. Ugh.

I stopped drinking coffee for a short while out of guilt. All I could think about was the mountains of k-cups being thrown out everyday.

Then Victor introduced me to “good” coffee. He is very thorough and researched the best methods of brewing before settling on a French press and, of course, a bean grinder. We used this for a solid 3 years. I must say, we’re a little spoiled by it and have become kind of snobby. Sorry not sorry.

In December, Victor won a $200 Best Buy gift card. What we needed was a new toaster oven. What we got was a Ninja Coffee Bar (and also a toaster oven because we are somewhat responsible). Did we NEED a new coffee maker? No. Did we go in there with any intention of even looking at them? No. Were we totally in awe of how cool it was? Hell yes. Did we buy the most expensive one they had? Obviously. Well, it might have been the second most expensive one. Because we had a gift card.

The goods:

  • It looks super cool.
  • 6 “size” options from single serving to full pot
  • 5 brew modes so you can make stronger coffee with less beans. Espresso, cafe forte, ‘over ice’ brew, rich, and classic
  • Reusable mesh filter
  • A built in milk frother that tucks away for storage. The vertical arm is removable for cleaning
  • A double sided measuring scoop that snaps into the side. This is an extra win because it also tells you how much to use for each size serving.
  • Delay timer/ auto start so you can set it to turn on in the morning
  • There is a clever little flip down shelf to hold your mug when making less than a 1/2 or full pot
  • Did I mention the frother?

The bads:

  • The coffee comes out HOT. Too hot. Burn your mouth hot. This morning I shut the machine off when it was done brewing (1/2 carafe). It sat while I made scrambled egg breakfast burritos for 2 people. I poured a cup and measured the temperature- 160 degrees. This is not the machine to use if you want to drink your coffee right after it is made unless you add ice or a lot of milk. (There is an “over ice” brew mode for making iced coffee)
  • The machine doesn’t alert you if the water reservoir runs out. Not a deal breaker but a little annoying when you’re waiting for the ‘beep’ … and waiting… maybe it beeped and I just missed it… So you go to check and the cup or pot clearly isn’t full and there is nothing indicating a problem. The water reservoir is easy to refill but the fancy ripple effect makes it a wee bit difficult to see how much water is left. You really have to look at it, especially if there is anything behind it like a shadow or a backsplash.
  • The delay timer has to be reset every night, it isn’t a set once and just hit the button. Again, not a deal breaker but annoying if you use it daily.
  • People have mentioned in other reviews that pre-ground coffee can get through the mesh filter. This isn’t an issue for us as we grind our own beans. I assume you could easily use a paper filter if this was a problem for you
  • Compared to the French press, the taste is a little bitter. Sorry, I warned you that I’m a snob.
  • The book says it will auto shut off after 2 hours. It must only be the hot plate because the power light stays on all day. My OCD does not like this.
  • The machine itself is large. This isn’t bad but it is something you should be aware of, especially if you have limited counter space
  • It’s a bit pricey for making coffee. But if you’re the kind of person who wants  espresso one day and regular coffee the next, then this might be right up your alley

Recommendation: I dig it, Victor digs it. It’s fun. Frothing milk is my new favorite morning thing. Would we have bought it if we didn’t have a gift card? Probably not. Ninja does have several other models in this series so we may have considered a smaller or less expensive one had we paid cash. Overall, we are happy with our machine.

For more information, visit Ninja online or see them on display at your local small appliance retailer.

*** This review is my opinion based on my personal experience. I have not received any compensation or incentives from Ninja or Best Buy ***


3 comments on “Review: Ninja Coffee Bar (cf091)

  1. Augusta says:

    It’s so pretty ❤
    Making my Kuerig look pretty crappy right about now 😥


  2. Jester says:

    We bought one last year post fire. Formerly I had a keurig. I bought the reusable filters so I rarely used the kcups. Hubby wants to upgrade to one like yours. We have a stand alone frother. I thought I was dreaming when I saw the infomercial on tv pre fire and told Joe all about it. He didn’t believe me until we saw one at KMart when we visited family in Amarillo. Spontaneous purchases rule the world!


    1. Mom vs World says:

      If you already have a frother, check out the next model down from this one. I think (but not positive) that it has many of the same features but is less expensive 😊


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